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Website Design for Indie Games

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Designing indie game websites

While working in the gaming industry as a UX/UI Designer and Brand Marketer, I can't help but notice how much room for improvement there is for indie studios to really focus on their overall digital presence.

When it comes to marketing your upcoming game, game developers are so focused on making a great game (which they should), that marketing typically is given the afterthought or it's categorized as something that is as plain as making social media posts and updating your Steam page regularly.

This is a huge mistake!

For the console player base (roughly 30%), if they want to learn more about your game and potentially purchase it - where do you believe they will go? Yep, your website!

In today's market, I'm not saying it's fair, but when consumers are determining whether they want to purchase a product or not, a large mover in determining that decision is based around your online presence. If you have an outdated, poorly functioning, disorganized website; it reveals to the visitor that you are not professional or don't take your product seriously since such poor effort was provided into the development of your website.

If you're looking for a design critique, let me know. I'm happy to help!

Keep designing,


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Taylor Rodriguez or "Coach Taz," is a freelance Senior Designer specializing in Brand Marketing and Multimedia Design, working remotely in Central Florida. If you'd like to collaborate on a project, please drop a comment or send a direct message.

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