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This Was The Most Difficult Logo I've Ever Designed!

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This Was The Most Difficult Logo I've Ever Designed!

In my free time I love to participate in design skill challenges. This has always served has a fantastic way to challenge myself creatively without feeling the pressure of having to achieve a particular goal other than pushing myself.

In all transparency, I almost quit this one.

Yep, after 14 years in the industry, I almost quit a design challenge.


Well, after spending 8 years in the marketing world I've adopted the mindset that a brand MUST be 100% unique to be able to stand out from it's competition.

This means not automatically going with the easy or typically scene direction for a logo such as a coffee mug or bean for a coffee brand. So when the opportunity came to develop a logo for a ski resort, I knew immediately I would NOT have anything with a snowy mountain top or a snowflake.

I started to write out dozens of words or themes that came into my head when I visualized a ski resort or colder climate - avalanche, snow boots, chimney or cabin, ski lift, scarf, thermometer, etc.

Then I started sketching...

Only problem was nothing was working out. I kept hitting creative block after creative block to the point I put this project away for weeks.

Then, creativity struck...while I was in the bathroom of all places lol.

Develop a track of someone snowboarding or skiing down a slope. It typically looks like an "S" shape. In the design brief, a name was suggested "SnowDrop." BOOM, there it was!

I honestly believe if you put this next to some of the popular ski resort logos, this one would truly stand out.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Taylor Rodriguez is a multimedia designer and entrepreneur living out of Central Florida. He received his multimedia design and programming degree from Florida Tech in 2010 and has been working as a freelancer off and on - sharing his time between his multiple businesses as well as helping fellow entrepreneurs and various start-ups establish their unique voice in their respective communities.

If you'd like to schedule a "Power Hour" session to discuss all things design, marketing or networking - email him today at


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