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The Success of Enshrouded: A Blueprint for Indie Game Marketing

Enshrouded marketing strategy

The Success of Enshrouded: A Blueprint for Indie Game Marketing

In the ever-evolving landscape of indie gaming, where competition is fierce and attention spans are disintegrating, success stories like that of Enshrouded stand out as beacons of inspiration. Within just four days of its launch, Enshrouded generated an astonishing one million players worldwide—a testament not only to its compelling gameplay but also to its powerful, yet strategic, marketing strategy. As a marketing consultant for various indie studios, I wanted to share some insights and strategies behind Enshrouded's remarkable success, hopefully offering valuable ideas for fellow developers and gaming colleagues.

Disclaimer: I was not part of their marketing team; these are simply observations I've picked up on while carefully analyzing their various social channels and advertising platforms over the past year.

Strategic Leveraging of Steam Tags:

Enshrouded's journey to success began with a strategic approach to platform visibility. Leveraging Steam's personally preferred tags, the game positioned itself to be organically showcased by the Steam algorithm, maximizing exposure to potential players browsing the platform. By utilizing tags that resonated with their target audience, Enshrouded ensured that it stood out amidst the sea of titles vying for attention.

Top 5 tags used for reference: open world, survival, base building, multiplayer, and online co-op.

Accessible Pricing Amidst Economic Uncertainty:

In a time period marked by a troubling economy, pricing strategies play a pivotal role in determining a game's accessibility to players. The Enshrouded team made a conscious decision to maintain a $30 price point, ensuring that it remained within reach for the majority of gamers. This commitment to affordability not only widened its potential player base but also fostered goodwill among consumers during challenging times.

Influencer Marketing and Social Media Engagement:

Recognizing the power of influencer marketing and social media engagement, the developers of Enshrouded embarked on a proactive campaign to generate buzz around the game. By collaborating with popular Twitch streamers and YouTubers, including the wildly popular Asmongold with over 3.4 million followers, Enshrouded secured invaluable exposure to millions of people. Plus, the strategic use of platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit allowed the game to cultivate a dedicated community of die-hard fans long before its release, laying the groundwork for a successful launch.

Participation with Gaming Events and Media Outlets:

Beyond digital marketing, Enshrouded's team recognized the importance of engaging with the gaming community at large. By participating in popular gaming events and securing coverage from reputable game journalists, Enshrouded bolstered its credibility and visibility within the industry. These efforts not only attracted the attention of gaming enthusiasts but also garnered favorable press coverage, further amplifying its overall reach.

Community Building and Interactive Features:

At the heart of Enshrouded's success lies its dedication to community building and interactive gameplay features. From the beginning, the developers prioritized the importance of a vibrant and inclusive community, fostering engagement through forums, funneling social media and website visitors to Discord members and newsletter subs, and collaborative experiences with content creators. By empowering players to shape their own narratives within the game's expansive voxel-based world, Enshrouded surpassed the boundaries of traditional gaming experiences, inviting players to become active participants in its evolving story and then share that online for their followers to see and draw interest in.

The success of Enshrouded serves as a testament to the power of strategic marketing and community engagement within the indie gaming industry. By leveraging platform visibility, embracing affordability, harnessing the influence of social media and influencers, and prioritizing community building, Enshrouded succeeded when 90% of indie games fail. As game developers and marketers, let us draw inspiration from Enshrouded's journey and continue to push the boundaries of creativity, innovation, and inclusivity in our pursuit of long-term success.


taylor rodriguez marketing and graphic designer

Taylor Rodriguez aka "Coach Taz," is a freelance Senior Designer specializing in Brand Marketing and UX/UI Design, working remotely in Central Florida.

Taylor has been passionate about gaming since the NES days with his first games being Super Mario Bros, Metroid, and F-Zero. He's passionate about utilizing his 10+ years of design and marketing experience to elevate small businesses to be able to build sustainability, not only for their own companies but for their employees as well.

If you'd like to collaborate on a project, please send a direct message.


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